Cinemotion Services


Gear List


Camera Gear

  • Access to ANY format camera kit at competitive rates
  • Full 4K DSLR shooting Kit
  • Documentary size lighting kit including battery powered lights
  • 4K Pix-E5 Onboard recorder/monitor
  • Mini jib suitable for one man operation
  • Can provide either a basic sound kit or sound recordist for complex work

Stanton Triangle Jimmy Jib

  • Available In 9 lengths: from 3ft (.9m) reach to 40ft (12m) reach
  • Works with film & video cameras up to 25kgs at 30ft length & 11kgs at 40ft
  • 600 degrees of rotation with third axis head
  • Jib can be fully battery operated for location work
  • Assistant focus control for precision work
  • Track wheels available for base to adapt to ‘precision’ track for dolly moves

Stanton Jimmy Jib Lite

  • Available in four lengths: 6, 12, 15 & 18 feet
  • Camera package can be up to 7 kgs
  • Fast build and pack down
  • Packs into 4 cases for easy freighting
  • Wheeled base for easy repositioning
  • Perfect for studio applications or where space is limited

Telescopic Techno-Jib

  • 9 - 24ft reach
  • 5 feet a second telescopic speed
  • Maximimum load 21 kgs
  • Wheeled base for easy repositioning

360 Degree Dutch Roll Kit

  • 360 Degrees of rotation
  • Mounts to existing head
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Maximum Camera Package weight: 11.5 kg

Film Dutch Roll Kit

  • 120 Degrees of rotation
  • Mounts to existing head
  • Can be programmed to move between 2 set points 
  • Maximum Camera Package weight: 23 kg

Hothead Configuration

  • Tripod mounted or truss mounted fully operational hothead rig
  • 200 feet of loom cable to operator base station
  • 2 hotheads available

Crank Wheel Kit

  • Replaces the standard hand controls
  • Uses crank wheels for pan & tilt control similar to film pan & tilt heads
  • Popular with film camera operators


  • HD compatible monitoring
  • Hothead mount for rigging remote head to lighting truss or any scaffold tube 
  • Adaptor allowing jib to be built on any dolly with a universal style or euro style mount
  • Jibs travel in a Hiace van
  • All Digital SLR cameras can be used on our jibs