Cinemotion Services



How much does it cost to hire a jib?

A full jib package will cost approximately $2,300.00 ex GST per day which covers the jib itself, an operator and assistant. This price can vary widely depending on the specifics of your shoot so please call us to see what we can do for you.

What formats can I use on the Jib? 

Almost any camera can be mounted on the jib. Cameras used include 4K HD Cameras, 35mm Film Cameras, smaller DSLR and mini DV cameras. Any camera with a video out and weighing less than 25 kgs will fit on the crane.

Does the jib come with a camera? 

The short answer is no. However we can supply any camera at standard rental rates and bring it along to the shoot. Cameras used recently include Sony F55, Arri Alexa, RED Cameras, Sony PMW-500 and PDW-F800, Sony FS7 as well as numerous OB cameras.

Can I fly with the Jib?

Absolutely. The jib is packed ready for air travel. The triangle kit can be stripped back to roughly 400 kgs (less if only one length is required) and counter weights can be sourced locally. The jib lite kit weighs approximately 150 kgs total.

How many people does it take to set up and operate the crane? 

Usually two people are required to set up and operate the jib. In certain situations a lone operator can work with grips to rig and operate. If dollying and tonguing are required, three people will be required to operate.

How long does it take to set up the crane? 

Generally the crane can be up and running in about 90 Minutes. Of course this varies with length of the arm, access and other factors. If the maximum length of 40 feet is required, rig time will be approximately two hours.

How Mobile are the cranes? 

The cranes are extremely mobile. The four wheel base allows for fast camera repositioning. Optional dolly track wheels are available and they fit standard precision track. The lite has a smaler three wheel base which can be manoeuvred in much smaller areas.